George Makinto


Instructor for Piano, Flute, Voice, Guitar, Percussions and Jazz Master classes. Born to a Liberian mother and a German father, MAKINTO was soon interested in integrating both sides of this cultural heritage into his music. He studied classical music in Germany, as well as traditional and modern African music in various African countries. He was part of several international music education programs, notably in Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, France and The United States. He founded Joyful Music & Arts in 2008 and moved into the current facility in 2011.

David Lami Friebe


Drum, bass and piano teacher for children and youth and music production course instructor at JOMA, David is Makinto’s son and has been playing drums since the age of 3 ½. His first public appearance as a drummer was May 2002, a month before his 4th birthday, when he played the tune “St. Thomas” with his father’s band during the UN General Assembly. David graduated from USC in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts from the Popular Music program at USC Thornton.


Jordan Hemphill


Our acoustic, electric guitar, drum, bass teacher and beginners piano instructor. Jordan is an active gigging musician with a wide range of styles .

Jordan is patient, teaches all age-groups and is a very gifted teacher!

Casey McCoy


Our classic and jazz piano, and jazz band instructor. Casey is instructing both individual lessons and summer group classes. An active musician, Casey plays in various Jazz bands and is a very gifted Jazz instructor. Casey is as well our schedule and finance director.

Jennifer Holly


Our violin, fiddle, piano and folk and acoustic ensemble instructor. Jennifer is instructing both individual lessons and summer group classes. Jennifer is very popular at JOMA, an extremely joyful person and beloved by her students