Starting June 15th, we adhere to all State Health ordinances regarding COVID-19. All our teachers are fully vaccinated, and wear masks on request. Student wearing of mask is not required but recommended . 

We teach the love of music!


Joyful Music & Arts (JOMA) is a Music Center like no other!  Situated in the South Bay of Los Angeles, California, it is the perfect place to learn and experience music as enjoyable to your own soul and a tool to connect with others. We motivate people, young and old, to discover the musician and creator in them, have fun and express themselves with their God-given talent


We offer instrumental and vocal lessons for individuals and groups; we also provide non-sectarian instruction for charter schools. JOMA is vendor for Skymountain, Excel, Sage Oak, ILEAD and all Inspire Charter schools


Our methodology is unique. Our instructors serve as player-coaches, often playing their instruments alongside their students, both modeling and enhancing the musical experience for students. Beginning students find that their simple notes can be part of a rich, musical chorus; advanced students are challenged by example to go even further.

Come to Joyful Music & Arts and experience music

in a fun, engaging, multi-cultural and highly motivational way!



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Registrations are open for the Summer season. Individual and group lessons. For information please visit the "classes" page.

We are vendor for the following Charter schools:

Skymountain, Excel, Sageoak,



Our Annual Student Concert 13th edition was amazing: 45 performers took the stage from solo performers to Jazz and Rock bands met in a Jubilee Outdoors concert on May 29th on the JOMA parking lot and celebrated the love for music in a 2 1/2 hour festival ambience with over 100 parents in attendance. Click the image to see more pics from the event.

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We are multi cultural and serve a diverse community
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