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Group lessons

Please e mail or call for 

Several Spring courses are starting back up on March 2nd 2023. Use the link above for registration.

Guitar Group classes 1 children & Youth age 7-12

This Class is for the total novice. Never played guitar? This class is for you. 

You will learn:

-All fundamental chords

-Strumming techniques

-Very cool contemporary and rocky     songs

-Melody playing

-Loaner instruments available

10 sessions course  Fee: $35.00 per session /$350.00 payable at the start of the course (prorating is possible)

SPRING Course 2023 starts March 3rd and runs through May 12th

Registration is open!

This class is an introduction into the exciting world of music. The goal: Develop the love of music!

In this class, we

-play drums and percussion instruments

-Sing and play musical games

- Introduce a new instrument in every session and play it

-Compile a binder of coloring pages drawing musical instruments

At the end of the class, every family receives and assessment of their child and a recommendation for the next step of their musical practice

11 sessions Course Fee: $35.00 per session/$385.00

payable at the start of the course (prorating is possible)    Thursdays 4-4.45pm

SPRING  Course 2023 starts March 2nd  and runs through May 16th. Registration is open!

The Music Bus: A fun music orientation class for young children
 Age 3-6
Musical Storytelling with MAKINTO for the very Young
(2-4 year olds)

Come with your young child to actively listen to the creative and interactive stories by and with Makinto, Master storyteller and musician.

Hear funny stories about Tembo, the elephant who plays the trumpet, Panya the drumming mouse, Kriketi the grasshopper who plays the violin, and other animal musicians. The children are integral part of the story, and will be playing rhythm instruments, singing and dancing.

A magical moment you don't want to miss!

Course length 10 sessions $35.00 per session, $350.00 payable at the start of the course (prorating is possible)

Thursdays 10-10.45am

Spring 2023 Course starts March 2nd through May 11th . Registration is open

African drum & percussion class (adults)

It has always been your dream to play Djembe or Congas or Bongos, and this course let's your dream come true: Playing drums together in a group is one of the most exciting, unifying yet relaxing musical experiences. Come with your own hand drum, or pick up one of our loaners, and integrate the exhilarating world of rhythm and beat.   Concert participation May 20th (optional)

Course length: 10 sessions Fee: $35.00 per session, $350.00 payable at the start of the course (prorating is possible)

Tuesdays 7-8 pm

Spring 2023 course starts March 7th  through May 17th 2023. Registration is open

Jazz  Improvisation studies

We teach the art of improvisation. You can literally improvise on any instrument, and make up your own melodies. Yes, improvisation is learnable and absolute fun. Whether it is in the context of a Jazz Band, a pop song and even in Rockn' Roll, improvisation is key to expressing yourself in a modern musical context.

This is not a group course, but one on one music instruction. 

Ask us to learn improvisation, and you will love to express yourself freely on your favorite instrument.

Piano n'drums curriculum

   This is not a group lesson, but a curriculum for individual lessons


We believe that rhythm is the basics of music, and drumming is fun! Therefore, we have developed a curriculum called Piano n'drums that has our young 6-9 year old students play 15 minutes drums and percussions and have 15 minutes beginner piano instruction. This method has proven to be very inspiring as an entrance into the world of music  and as a first individual lesson experience for the young child.

Instead of traditional beginners piano lessons, ask for PIANO N'DRUMS! Your child will love it!

The TANDEM class

The 1/2 hour Tandem Class is an introductory level lesson that teaches beginners a specific instrument. We team up two children of similar ages ( starting at 5 years, perfect for siblings or best friends) to introduce them to their instrument of choice ( piano, guitar, flute, violin, voice etc)

This format has proven to be very motivating to the beginners, since both participants learn the same curriculum and share the excitement of the new instrument.

Specifics: Any teacher, any time, any day

This ensemble is for all acoustic instruments: violin, flute, guitar, piano, voice, clarinet, ukulele or tin whistle. We will play pop and folk songs, classic tunes, and even original tunes brought in by the participants. At JOMA, we believe that music needs to be shared with others, and this class is a wonderful platform. 2 years of instrumental practice is required.   Performances will be scheduled at the end of the course!

Who: All instrumentalists between the age of 10 and 16


           Acoustic Ensemble
Youth Drumming with David

You are between 8 and 18, and really want to dive into the world of rhythm, congas, djembe, tropical and African rhythms and have the funnest instructor at JOMA be your teacher, this course is for you! This is a group class where everybody plays a hand drum or any kind of percussion instrument, learning how play different rhythms, blend into a group where everyone has a different  pattern, and just feel good!

Please email us if you are interested for the Spring semester

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