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Learn Flute, Guitar, Piano, Drum Lessons In Rolling Hills Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes & South Bay


Current LA County COVID Health Ordinances do not prescribe mask mandates for in door instruction. Nevertheless, we will give masked instruction upon request.


Joyful Music & Arts (JOMA) is a Music Center like no other!  Situated in the South Bay of Los Angeles, California, it is the perfect place to learn and experience music as enjoyable to your own soul and a tool to connect with others. We motivate people, young and old, to discover the musician and creator in them, have fun and express themselves with their God-given talent
We offer instrumental and vocal lessons, including guitar lessons, voice lessons, piano lessons, and violin lessons for individuals and groups; we also provide non-sectarian instruction for charter schools and private piano teachers for students that need special attention or instruction. JOMA is a vendor for Blue Ridge, Sky Mountain, Excel, Sage Oak, ILEAD Charter Schools.


We teach our students a variety of musical instruments like piano, guitar, and violin, etc. So, if you’re looking to join the best music center, then our music school in Rolling Hill Estates is the ideal option for you. Whether you are interested in a holistic music approach in group lessons with subjects like Early child music instruction or Adult percussion classes, or are interested in learning only one instrument, our music teachers are fully equipped to help you. For instance, if you want to join guitar classes, you can join our guitar lessons at Rolling Hills Estates CA. Alternatively, you can sign up for a music production class, a voice class or an individual guitar lesson to become a singer songwriter and express your creative musical talent.


Our methodology is unique. Our instructors serve as player-coaches, often playing their instruments alongside their students, both modeling and enhancing the musical experience for students. Beginning students find that their simple notes can be part of a rich, musical chorus; advanced students are challenged by example to go even further.

Come to Joyful Music & Arts and experience music

in a fun, engaging, multi-cultural and highly motivational way!

We have professional instructors, most of them active musicians on the Los Angeles scene playing multiple instruments teaching music from a performance angle. Our specialist instructors are teaching all instruments including flute classes at Rolling Hills Estates, guitar, and piano. So, contact us for the best music lessons in Rancho Palos Verdes. 

 Learn Musinc, Piano, Guitar Lessons by Dedicated Instructors In South Bay CA


At JOMA, you'll find a music center unlike any other! It is located in the South Bay of Los Angeles, California, making it the ideal location to learn and appreciate music as a means of connecting with other people. Young and old alike can benefit from our programs as we encourage them to tap into their inner musician and creativity, have fun, and use God's gifts. Piano, guitar, violin, and other instruments are among the many that we instruct our pupils in learning. Our Rolling Hill Estates music school is a great place to start if you want to learn to play an instrument. Our instructors, many of whom are active artists in the Los Angeles music scene, teach music from a performance perspective. Guitar, piano, and flute classes at Rolling Hills Estates are all taught by our expert musicians. The best music lessons in Rancho Palos Verdes can be had by contacting us today!


We Teach The Love Of Music!

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                                           Individual lessons all ages
                                        Monday - Saturday 9am -9pm
                 Also PIANO LESSONS AT YOUR HOME!

Our Instructors

George Makinto


David Lami Friebe


Founder and Director of Joyful Music and Arts. Instructor for Piano, Flute, Voice, Guitar, Percussions and Jazz Master classes. Born to a Liberian mother and a German father, MAKINTO was soon interested in integrating both sides…read more

Jennifer Holly


Our violin, fiddle, piano and folk and acoustic ensemble instructor. Jennifer is part of several local classical orchestras and ensembles as 1st violinist, and teaches both individual lessons and group classes…read more

Jordan Hemphill


Our acoustic, electric guitar, drum, bass teacher and beginners piano instructor. Jordan is an active gigging musician with a wide range of styles .

Jordan is patient, teaches all age-groups…read more

Ivan Malespin


Our Trumpet, Trombone, Bass and Beginner piano instructor Ivan is a graduate of the New World School of the Arts, the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music…read more

Drum, bass and piano teacher for children and youth and music production course instructor at JOMA, David is Makinto’s son and has been playing drums since the age of 3 ½…read more

Casey McCoy


Our classic, jazz piano, and jazz band instructor. Casey is instructing both individual lessons and summer group classes. An active musician, Casey plays in various Jazz bands and is a very gifted…read more

Joël Friebe-Makinto

Joel Drum teacher_edited.png

Our youngest and very talented drum instructor. Joël is Makinto's youngest son and took over the mantle of Makinto's church drummer from his brother David when he left for college…read more

Alexis Malespin


Our Voice, Flute and Piano/keyboard instructor Alexis began singing and playing piano at an early age having grown up in a musical family. A native of Berkeley, California she moved to Los Angeles…read more

Jonathan Strand

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 9_22_24 AM_edited.jpg

Our new classical Piano and guitar instructor. Jonathan graduated from Los Angeles Harbor college and is currently pursuing a Masters degree at CAL state University…read more

JOMA is a Top 10 instructor for

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Registrations are open for the Fall season 2021. Individual and group lessons. For information please visit the "classes" page.

We are vendor for the following Charter schools:

Blue Ridge, Sky Mountain, Excel, Sageoak,

I Lead




This is a semi public event, please RSVP here and bring your lawn chair. Over 50 performers will showcase their talents, with Classic, Rock, Jazz and Gospel performances. Don't miss it!

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Testimonials about JOMA

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